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With our strategic approach we generate quality leads and maximize your business opportunities. We focus on Lead Generation for those companies looking to strengthen their consultative sales channel and provide more qualified opportunities to their consultants, in order to achieve their business goals.

What do we achieve with a Lead Generation strategy?

More qualified leads

Our Lead Generation strategy focuses on identifying and attracting highly relevant leads for your business, increasing the chances of conversion and sales.

More effective sales funnel

We optimize your sales funnel, ensuring that each stage is designed to attract, engage and convert prospects into customers.

Better time and resource management

By targeting your marketing efforts to the right audience, you maximize your results and reduce the time spent on unqualified leads to focus on those who are ready to buy;

Does your company face any of the following challenges?


The sales team receives few truly interested leads

Finding relevant and qualified leads for your business has become a major challenge, resulting in fewer sales opportunities.


Low effectiveness in your current campaigns

There are difficulties in designing and executing effective campaigns that generate tangible results with healthy Cost Per Lead;


Lack of automation and effective tracking

You do not yet have tools to provide automated follow-up to leads in order to resolve their doubts and help them move forward in their buying process;

This is how you can overcome these challenges.

High-level segmentation strategy

At Xpider we develop highly targeted ad campaigns on key platforms to reach your target audience and generate qualified leads. To do so, we create relevant and engaging content ideal to capture the interest of your target audience.

Attractive offers and optimized landing pages

We create strategic and valuable content designed for each stage of the buying cycle, in addition to optimized landing pages and persuasive CTA’s for lead capture;

Lead nurturing with automation platforms

We generate automated follow-up content, so that your cold and warm leads can learn more about your product or service, and find the solution that best fits their needs;

Lead Generation

based on the Inbound Methodology

How does it work?

Our Lead Generation methodology is based on a strategic and customized approach for each client. Through a proven process, we carry out the following stages:


Analysis and definition of objectives

We understand your business, your needs and your specific goals in terms of lead generation. We conduct a thorough analysis of your target market, your competition and your unique value proposition.


Creation of buyer personas profiles

We identify your ideal target audience by creating detailed buyer persona profiles.


Development of strategies and tactics

We design a customized lead generation strategy, using an effective combination of digital marketing tactics and channels. From optimizing your website, using relevant content, segmented campaigns, SEO, to forms and calls to action.


Implementation and monitoring

Utilizamos herramientas de seguimiento y análisis para medir el rendimiento de las campañas, el tráfico del sitio web, las conversiones y la calidad de los leads generados.


Nurturing and tracking leads

We use marketing automation techniques to send personalized and timely content that drives lead to customer conversion.


Continuous optimization

We perform real-time analysis of the results obtained and make adjustments and continuous improvements in the lead generation strategy. In addition, we maintain contact with sales to analyze the quality of the leads;


Report and analysis

We use these reports to benchmark and measure the return on investment (ROI) of your lead generation efforts.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Xpider has been a provider that in the most difficult times of the pandemic gave us a hand and helped us prepare for the recovery achieving increased revenues through digital channels. Always with a high degree of professionalism and measurable results in terms of ROI, positioning us through co-creation as industry leaders.”
Paulo Vargas
CEO of Grupo Centriz

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